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The Green Camp Story
It’s about a dream. A #green dream born from our desire to provide you with a unique experience in nature and to promote the idea of Green Adventure outdoor activities.

We want together to live truly unique experiences and contribute to the idea of protecting and saving nature and especially mountain rivers. Our credo is #GivingBack and your choice to enjoy a Green Camp experience helps us to resource our environmental and civic engagement projects.

Green Camp – Adventure Glamping, Buzău

Welcome to the heart of Romanian nature, where tradition meets modernity in a harmonious and unique way. Green Camp epitomizes the essence of glamping – that blend of camping which fuses adventure with luxury comfort.

Situated in the picturesque Buzău county, Green Camp offers you an unforgettable getaway amidst nature. Our tents are equipped with all modern amenities while still giving you the authentic feel of wilderness camping. Here, you can awaken to the song of birds, savor your coffee while watching the sunrise, and explore the hidden treasures of the Buzău region.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Join our guided tours, ranging from mountain trail hikes to exploring age-old historical sites. At Green Camp, the tourist experience is enriched by traditional Romanian cuisine, with delicious local dishes prepared with passion and love.

Discover the unmistakable charm of Romania in a truly special way at Green Camp – Adventure Glamping in Buzău. Book your spot in this adventure and let yourself be overwhelmed by Romanian beauty and hospitality.


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225 reviews
  • Mihai Caloian
    Mihai Caloian
    4 months ago

    Really Impressed. Went with my 6yo daughter, the location is beautiful, lots of nice families with children, great food (apart from lunch, the only thing that disappointed me), great activities (bike rentals, kayak, rafting, zip line) and the place itself is great for kids to play and cozy for adults to chill. All amenities are great, good wifi in the common area, everything is very clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful.

  • Emilia Campeanu
    Emilia Campeanu
    3 months ago

    Amazing place and people. The views are hard to describe, the mountains with fog in the morning, the sun going through the forest in the hammocks area, the green everywhere. And then activities like rafting, kayaking, SUP, via ferrata and zip line, trekking, a great way to add to your senses and experiences. And at night, near the fire in the restaurant a great little community forms eating marshmellows and telling stories, playing games.

  • Adela Helerea
    Adela Helerea
    3 months ago

    Great activities in the area (kayaking, rafting, Via Ferrata and zip line, hiking), home-cooked meals and friendly hosts. I offer a 10/10 rating for cleanliness and modern, fully equipped bathrooms.

  • Jo Mantelers
    Jo Mantelers
    4 months ago

    Wonderful place, well organized, motivated staff and lots of activities for adults and kids. Breakfast is well made and dinner (fixed meal) was always tasty. Toilets, showers are constantly being cleaned so that's great 👍

  • Thibaut
    2 months ago

    Amazing place. Cozy tentes, quality food and fine wine/beer selection. Bathrooms are very clean and well equipped. You will love the sound of the river that you can ear from your bed, but also the clear sky in the evening for stargazing 🔭 I recommend to do the rafting experience: safe and easy enough for first timers and well organised. Via Ferratta otherwise is not safe enough from my point of view and experience: there are parts of it with potentiel fall of 5m+ on an incline wall (ie. in case of fall you will hurt yourself on rocks and metallic structures, what can cause serious harm). A way to limit the fall should be to be able to attach yourself on the horizontal metallic bars available every +/- 1m when you climb. Instead the guide insisted that we should use the vertical metal line that’s 3m long between fixtures — using simple math you realize that doesn’t really protect you but add to the fall. When asked why we cannot use the metal bars, we were given quite an unconvincing explanation. I have done via ferratas in the past outside of Romania and all of them allong attaching to the metal bars to limit the fall potential and thus ensure safety. Long story short, after all this we lost trust in our guide and decided to stop after few meters for safety reasons. Management accepted to refund us, which is fair on their part, but we were still left feeling that they made us lose our time. LATER EDIT: Downgraded my review from 5 to 4 after reading the answer from the staff. They don't agree that it's unsafe? They don't agree that you should use the metallic bars? We will never know... but until then they will still sell it to beginners “with an honest smile on their face”.

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