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Hotel Bastion

Sinaia, Romania

Hotel Bastion Sinaia

Hotel Bastion opened its doors on Saturday, 17 Sept 2005, in an aristocratic ball atmosphere with a scent of the beginning of the 20th century. The opening ceremony was honoured by the presence of numerous local officials, personalities from the political, social and sports world, businessmen and journalists.

The Bastion tourist complex is located on the Royal Peles Estate, on the road leading up to the Castle and opens its royal gates for you to spend a dream stay in an atmosphere full of history and culture, but with all the accessories of worldly life.

At first glance, the idea of such a metamorphosis may seem bizarre, but only to those who do not know that the royal stables in Sinaia were far from being a simple stable. The building, located in the immediate vicinity of the castle, was designed to house horses, carriages, as well as randasii or visitors.

As old as the Pelesul and built in the same style, the ensemble became the “House of Ceramics” after nationalization, where the collection of ceramic art objects taken by the communists from the royal palace was exhibited until the 1970s.

Having become part of the heritage of the Ministry of Culture and in an advanced state of decay, the royal stables had the good fortune to attract the attention of an investor who sensed that a luxury mini-hotel, located right next to Peles and built in the same style as it, had every chance of proving to be a good deal.

After a year and a major investment, the former stables are now the Hotel Bastion: where horses once stood, there is now a 70-seat conference room and a 45-seat restaurant.


In order to complete the dream event experience and meet our clients’ expectations, we have perfected our attention to detail and have managed to understand the vision of each of our clients, so whatever event you have planned, you are not alone! Together, we will paint the picture of your event in detail.

Event planning is a challenge that most people approach with enthusiasm and a desire to provide a unique experience for others. That’s why preparations involve much more than renting a room and sending out invitations. There are many elements to consider, and each type of event – wedding, christening, private party, business event – has its own requirements.

If this is your first experience in organizing an event, then with Hotel Bastion Sinaia you can be sure that you will have an exceptional one and no important detail will escape your attention.


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Google Reviews

1,619 reviews
  • Robert Ionut
    Robert Ionut
    a month ago

    Service and location are great but the food not so good. I had lunch there with my family. Nobody enjoy the meal and we all felt sorry we didn't go at one of the good restaurants we know from Sinaia. Was my fault cause i was tired walking to Catle Peleș and back , a few miles.

  • Adam Policky
    Adam Policky
    6 months ago

    Stay here if you want to get to the castle before the crowds. The rooms are not luxury but are very well disinfected! ‍💫‍💫

  • Dragoș Vâju
    Dragoș Vâju
    2 years ago

    A nice restaurant and outdoor sitting area. For summer and warm autumn moments it was perfect to eat here. My review is after crossing their gates more than 4 times in last 2 years. Delicious food, you could reserve in advance a table. Accept payment by card, medium quick service; soups are on the medium/small size.

  • Marie Dpt
    Marie Dpt
    a year ago

    The waitresses were not nice at all. The male waiter was nice. The place is nice and music is good. But the food is so-so. The papanasi were really old and hard, chicken soup was meh too.

  • Alexandra Birtar
    Alexandra Birtar
    2 years ago

    We stopped here to eat some warm soup with the family. Very good decision. The atmosphere in the restaurant is like the one in the castle because the finishes are much alike, the music is nice. The personnel welcomes you very nice. I recommend.

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