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Dear Traveller,
As soon as you get, if only with your mind, to Bucovina it means that you crave to discover things, places, people and even to reconnect to your own soul.

La Roata*** Guesthouse comes to meet these desires, so natural nowadays, in times of such anxiety and rush. Here, on the property, it is like travelling in time and returning to a period of stability and peace, when the days seemed longer and eating homecooked meals was part of the daily routine.

Be welcome, dear Traveller, in an ambience where the authentic goes hand in hand with culinary mastery and good taste in everything.

Warm greetings, Selig-Florea Family


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  • Raluca Paduraru
    Raluca Paduraru
    2 weeks ago

    This secluded marvel opens up unexpectedly, surrounded by the forest just to amaze the eye and the soul. Like taken from a fairytale or just depicted in a Grigorescu painting, "La Roata" invites you to step into an unbelievable living past, an era that we all thought was lost. It is my grandparents' era, the childhood of my parents, my long-lost memories and probably a world that will be known by my grandchildren only through stories and photos. It is the symphony of the senses: the glimpse of a bird's wing, a beautiful butterfly and the amazing traditional architecture and quaint design. The melody of the wind in the trees, a bird's unique song, the crack of firewood and the everlasting sound of silence. The smell of fresh hay, green grass and cleanliness. The taste of traditional homemade breakfast early in the morning, good wine and freedom. The unique touch of wood, the grass underneath your toes and the incredible feel of freshly cleaned linens. The balance of slow living, wellbeing and the perpetual state of meditation. All of these can be found at "La Roata". It is a place that rose from other times when life was simpler, people were kinder and everything was probably better. It is a heritage that none of us should ever forget, that we should cherish and treasure in our hearts and minds, passing the legacy to future generations to help them always find their North Star and way back home.

  • Adrian Puha
    Adrian Puha
    a year ago

    Stayed for 3 nights and loved every second of it. Beautiful scenery, very welcoming staff, super good breakfast with options for vegetarians and vegans. Will definitely be returning here!

  • Gelu Trandafir
    Gelu Trandafir
    a year ago

    One of the best places to stay while visiting Bucovina and the painted churches. You can choose one of the three traditional wooden houses to enjoy the best experience of Bucovina. There are also modern accommodation available. Kind and competent managers and personnel.

  • trandafir george
    trandafir george
    a year ago

    What a fantastic place in Bucovina ! Probably the best traditional accommodation in Bucovina and of the best from all Romania. Book one of the traditional houses for an amazing "back in time" experience while having all the modern facilities. Fabulous breakfast as well and excellent staff ! Highly recommended !!!

  • Octavian C
    Octavian C
    2 months ago

    No AC at 33 Celsius! Imposible to live in such rooms!

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